Terms such as agile product development, digitalization and new work are everywhere in today's business world. While some companies use them in fear of missing out on a new trend, others have concrete hopes and expectations: the ability to manage complex product requirements, technologies and interpersonal communication.


What do we stand for?

We accompany change and uncover resources with a holistic and systemic view while making sure to build on the individual values and experiences of our clients.

 »The collaboration with Netzwerkknoten is fast and always uncomplicated. We appreciate that very much.«

Stefan Willuda, idealo Internet GmbH

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Consultancy and Coaching

Two pairs of shoes that we both can and want to walk in. Thanks to our different backgrounds and a shared set of values, we are able to offer a wide range of services even beyond the agile horizon.


Systemic agile Coach

event location: Berlin
Trainer: L. Zenker
Costs: 6500,- € plus VAT

Early Bird: until 01.11.2020 

5525,- € plus VAT

Scrum Master Training

Event location: remote
Trainer: L. Zenker
Costs: 489,- € plus VAT

Early bird: until 30.08.2020

399,- € plus VAT

Product Owner Training

Event location: remote
Trainer: L. Zenker
Costs: 489,- € plus VAT

Early bird: until 30.08.2020

399,- € plus VAT


Systemic Agile Coach

In our opinion, the agile values and principles are perfectly compatible with the systemic approach. Here you can find more information about our oneyear training program.

About us

  • Karl Bredemeyer
    Managing Partner
  • Lisa Zenker
    Managing Partner
  • Elisabeth Schwerdtfeger
    Management Consultant
  • Rosa Palm
    Management Consultant
  • Vincent Schnor
    Management Consultant
  • Christian Riepen
    Management Consultant
  • Jenny Zenker
    Team Assistance
  • Muriel Reichl
    Team Assitance
  • »OpenSpaceAgility […] – Netzwerkknoten has accompanied our team. The result: Four approaches are rolled out. The experience shows: It works.«

    Franz Süberkrüb, EWE AG

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