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Netzwerkknoten - happy people,
great products, agile organizations.

Terms such as agile product development, digitalization and new work are everywhere in today's business world. While some companies use them in fear of missing out on a new trend, others have concrete hopes and expectations: the ability to manage complex product requirements, technologies and interpersonal communication.

Demographic developments present a new challenge: an entire generation of managers is preparing for well-deserved retirement and company founders are trying to win over their descendants to continue the family business. But how can I maintain the identity of my company and at the same time take the step into a future in which adaptability is the most important thing?

Why Netzwerkknoten?

The classical organization is divided into functional units or departments: Human Resources, Marketing and Sales, Research & Development, Production, etc. Such a structure makes it almost impossible, not least because of department-specific target agreements, to deliver products that require interdisciplinary cooperation in a timely manner and within the agreed budget.

Organizations in the form of networks make it possible to adapt flexibly to current requirements and to get to know and love the needs of customers.


Change needs a partner

If you experience the challenges described so far in your work and the idea of change triggers something in you, we look forward to accompanying you on this journey.

Based on your specific question, we will work with you to find the best possible people to work together on the solution. In this way we build on agile frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban. With a foundation of values, principles and methodical frameworks, they are ideally suited to prepare you and your employees for the transformation and to actively shape it. A network of experienced partners supports and complements us in our work.

The goal: Adaptability and self-confidence

Our wish is that after a certain time you will no longer need us. To achieve this, we work with you to create the basis for meeting future challenges with adaptability and self-confidence.

The node in the Netzwerkknoten thus stands for a bond that is strong enough to provide support for a certain time. It can be loosened or dissolved at the right moment to allow new (connections) to be made.  

We are curious about the challenge you are currently facing.

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